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The procedure for obtaining a Bartram Trail historical marker is as follows:

  1. Complete the marker request form, and submit to the BTC Marker Coordinator.
  2. The text will be reviewed by a knowledgeable person, and suggestions may be made so to provide a more meaningful communication, and to ensure a well- designed, easy to read marker.
  3. Once there is agreement on the text, you will be invoiced by the BTC for the cost of the marker.
  4. The marker will be fabricated and delivered to your site.

Your responsibilities:

  • Initial research into your site to provide accurate and interesting Bartram related facts
  • Provide for the marker funding
  • Arrange for marker installation with appropriate controlling authorities
  • Submit the form
  • Work with BTC on the text
  • Pay the invoiced amount
  • Install the marker
  • Arrange a marker dedication event

Bartram Trail Conference responsibilities:

  • Review and provide guidance on the submitted text so that the marker is easy to read, easy to understand, and is factual
  • Provide a quote for the marker fabrication and delivery
  • Have the marker fabricated and delivered directly to the requesting individual or group

The marker cost will be quoted upon request, subject to the fabricator’s current pricing. An approximation is $1600. Current delivery, upon payment of the invoice, is approximately 10 weeks, subject to the fabricator’s production schedule.

Marker Request Form

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