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St. Johns River Bartram Frolic, April 22–24, 2022

Palatka, Florida, downtown on the riverfront. Reenactors, riverboat tours, artists market, and live music. For more information visit the Florida Bartram Trail Society.

New Bartram Trail historical markers in Louisiana. In the past year Bartram fans in and around Baton Rouge have erected several new markers. We have entered their location on the Bartram Trail map with photographs of most.

The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee, based in Franklin, NC [about four blocks up hill from the mound of Nikwasi (Bartram's Nucasse)], recently announced that it has acquired a  "working farm conservation easement" on the Spring Ridge Dairy, one of the largest riverfront farms at the head of the valley." The dairy lies close by the spot where Bartram entered the "Vale of Cowe," forded a "delightful brook, the water of the Tanase" (the Little Tennessee River), and looked out on "the opening of the extensive and fruitful vale."  The easement will protect the area from development. To learn more about the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee and their work, visit their site at

New Georgia Encyclopedia: The on-line encyclopedia has posted a biography of William Bartram, written by Dr. Edward J. Cashin. The article may be found at New Georgia Encyclopedia

On-line exhibit features William Bartram. Bartram is featured in the American Philosophical Society's on-line exhibit: "Southern Nature: Scientific Views of the Colonial American South." To view the Bartram page visit

The exhibition home page is located at;

Bartram's Travels is available on-line at the University of North Carolina's DocSouth Collection. The electronic edition of Travels may be found at

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